What is Hydraulic Machine?

Hydraulic machine are those machines which convert hydraulic energy (energy possessed by water) into mechanical energy (which is further converted into electrical energy) or mechanical energy into hydraulic energy.
The hydraulic machines, which convert the hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, are called turbine while the hydraulic machines which convert the mechanical energy into hydraulic energy are called

What is turbine?

Turbines are defined as the hydraulic machines which convert hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. This mechanical energy produced is used in running an electric generator which is directly coupled to the shaft of the turbine. So the mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy. The electric power which we obtained from the hydraulic energy is known as hydro-electric power. In today’s world the generation of hydro-electric power is the cheapest as compared by the power generated by other sources such as coal, petroleum etc.

Image source: Wikipedia.

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