Aftermarket Exhaust Systems: Truths and Myths

Aftermarket exhaust system truth and myths

Even a well-made vehicle still has room for improvements to become more efficient. This is true, especially when it comes to torque and horsepower. That is why more car owners choose to upgrade their exhaust systems to achieve the full performance capabilities of their respective cars.

Why You Should Make An Upgrade

The exhaust pipe might be one of the last things you probably think about when upgrading your car’s stock parts. Exhaust systems are unlike tinted windows or subwoofers that can attract attention. However, upgrading to aftermarket exhaust systems with the help of a reliable manufacturer, such as Manta Performance Exhausts, is highly recommendable. Here’s why:

Increased Lifespan

It would be best to remember that stock exhaust systems tend to deteriorate fast and require you to set regular repairs. This is very different from aftermarket exhaust systems, which use mild steel as a material for their production. Moreover, this material is pretty durable compared to the materials used for stock exhaust systems. So you also don’t have to worry about frequent expensive car repairs in the long run.

Improved Engine Performance

Most car owners upgrade their exhaust systems to boost engine performance. Aftermarket exhaust systems allow your vehicle to have better airflow through its exhaust systems and improve its engine output. Furthermore, installing an aftermarket exhaust system can allow extra airflow by opening its pipes.

Enhanced Car Aesthetics

If you want to change your car’s appearance, upgrading the exhaust system might be the makeover you might be looking for. Aftermarket exhaust system manufacturers tend to provide modern exhaust systems that boost your vehicle’s performance and aesthetics. Moreover, manufacturers usually use high-quality materials like stainless steel and aluminum steel to provide your vehicle with an instant makeover.

Improved Car Sound

Cars usually have distinct sounds. However, that specific sound might not be what you want to hear every time you start your car. If you want to change the sounds your car makes when you step on the gas pedal, an aftermarket exhaust system might be the key. Besides this, you can also achieve aggressive or moderate sounds, depending on the exhaust modification app you’ve chosen.

Boosts Fuel Economy

By shifting to an aftermarket exhaust system, your car will experience a boost in engine performance and improved airflow. Moreover, these benefits will also lead to increased fuel efficiency.

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Truths and Myths

Many car owners chose to upgrade to an aftermarket exhaust system. However, several people also have some misconceptions concerning the shift. To help you know more about it, here are truths and myths with regard to aftermarket exhaust systems:


Many people think that when you shift to an aftermarket exhaust system, your vehicle will experience a lot of drones. This is mostly true since drones are caused by removing your resonators, which is part of upgrading to an aftermarket exhaust system. However, if you have an annoying drone, re-installing a resonator can fix your problem.

Inspection/ Emission Failure

Several people believe that removing your car’s resonators will lead you to fail in inspection and/ or emissions. But, there’s no truth to this matter. It’s vital to remember that removing resonators will not affect these car tests. Furthermore, as long as you’re not removing the oxygen sensor or the catalytic converter,  you won’t have any problem with car tests.

Catalytic Converter

Does removing catalytic converters help get an excellent exhaust sound? The answer is a big no. Catalytic converters are a device that controls your emissions by taking out the bad stuff for your exhaust to produce better quality. It basically has an impact of minimal to nothing when it comes to exhaust sounds.

Exhaust Pipe Sizing

Many believe that the bigger the exhaust pipes, the better airflow they will provide. However, bigger isn’t always better when it comes to exhaust pipes.

A smaller exhaust pipe can make your exhaust system restrictive. On the other hand, a giant exhaust pipe can become the opposite. Thus, choosing an exhaust pipe that perfectly fits your vehicle is always recommended instead, depending on its horsepower.


Several car owners think that mufflers are a waste of money. However, this is not true. It’s vital to remember that the right muffler can help improve your car’s performance.

Dual Exhaust System

Many think upgrading your exhaust system from single to dual would mean you need two mufflers. However, there’s no need to add a muffler. Instead, you can stick to one since it carries less weight and great horsepower.

To Sum It Up

If you want a better version of your car’s exhaust system, it’s highly recommended to upgrade to an aftermarket exhaust system. It carries so many benefits that you won’t ever regret. Furthermore, knowing the truths and myths when it comes to the aftermarket exhaust system is a great help in making the right decisions to improve your vehicle.

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