Best Tesla Aftermarket Accessories You Should Install

Owning a Tesla is so fun and exciting that you might not think it can get any better. Still, there are hundreds of aftermarket accessories for Teslas that can make your Tesla experience even better.

Some Tesla accessories are must-haves, like a screen protector, and others make your Tesla look and perform better. They are all a pleasure to shop for.

1. Tesla Window Tinting

There are so many reasons to have your windows tinted that this accessory can be categorized as a “must-have.” Window tinting reduces glare and makes driving your Tesla even safer. It also provides privacy and protection from UV rays for your body and your Tesla’s interior.

Even though it isn’t more important than protecting your car, your skin, and making your car look better, the best reason to get window tinting is that it blocks up to 98% of solar heat. This matters because the cabin AC in your Tesla will automatically come on when it gets hot, reducing the range of your charge.

Don’t trust your Tesla window tinting to an amateur because you will regret it. Experienced professionals must achieve a perfect installation, free of bubbles and scratches. It’s easy to get a free estimate and enjoy fast and professional installation.

2. Screen Protector

Tesla Screen Protector

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The Tesla Touchscreen is a major component of your new Tesla, and just like with any electronic device with a screen, you will want to protect it. Fingerprints, cracks, and glare can be a real issue, especially if you are driving.

While Tesla Touchscreens come with a screen protector, some better options are available that you will want to check out. A matte finish screen protector reduces glare better and doesn’t show fingerprints as much. Spigen makes a great screen protector for Tesla’s Touchscreen, and it is easy to install flawlessly with the EZ Fit installation tray.

3. Floor Mats for Your Tesla

Floor Mats for Your Tesla

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Okay, this is cool. Finally, you can get mats for every part of your Tesla, from the front and rear seats to every cubby and storage area in the vehicle. They are made to fit perfectly into your Model 3 or Model Y, offer superior protection against dirt and water, and will make your car’s interior last longer. Plus, they look great.

You can purchase a complete package that includes mats for front and rear seats, rear trunk, under-storage compartments, front trunk, and inserts for side cubbies.

4. HEPA Filters and Air Fresheners

HEPA Filters and Air Fresheners

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The Model 3 does not come with a HEPA filter, but the Model Y does. You can purchase high-quality HEPA replacement filters for your Model 3.

HEPA filters are 99.7% effective at filtering out particles of any size. This makes a big difference when you are driving in cities with a lot of air pollution. Changing the air filter is not complicated; you can do it yourself by following Tesla’s online instructions.

Also, consider getting some air freshener Scent Wedges that slip into the invisible AC strip on the Model 3 and Y. They come in various scents and are all-natural. Scent Wedges are designed specifically for Teslas and remain hidden from view.

5. Compartment Organizers Everywhere

Teslas already have a lot of storage space, more than most cars their size. But what is really nice is that an aftermarket organizer accessory is available for every compartment. Here’s a list.

  • Center console organizer : Buy Now
  • Under seat storage container: Buy Now
  • Rear passenger storage : Buy Now
  • Glove box organizer : Buy Now
  • Side cubbies storage containers with lids : Buy Now
  • Front trunk organizer: Buy Now
  • Side door organizers : Buy Now

You can even get a hook that will screw into the underside of the trunk on the Model 3 that you can hang your grocery bags on.

6. Variety of Covers for Your Tesla

There are covers and accessories for just about every inch of a Tesla.

One of the most popular covers we found is a dashboard cover for the Model Y that covers up the wood trim on the dash. Not everyone likes that feature, and the dashboard cover fits perfectly over the wood trim. It is easy to install and completely hides the wood trim.

Steering wheel wraps are another popular item. They come in various finishes, such as brushed steel and carbon fiber. They look amazing, are inexpensive, and are easy to apply.

Door hinge covers, pedal covers, and armrest covers are other popular accessories in this category.

7. Just the Right Size Cup Holder

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The Tesla has perfectly good cup holders, but not all cup holders work for everyone’s favorite cup or water bottle. It’s annoying to have your skinny water bottle knocking about in your cup holder, and what’s even worse is when your large water bottle won’t even fit at all.

You can get a cup holder insert that makes your cup holder bigger, and while they might not look fantastic, they definitely do their job.

You can also get a cup holder insert just for the Tesla Models 3 and Y that is made of silicone and fits right inside the existing cup holder, helping protect it and making it fit different water bottle sizes much better. It is also much easier to clean.

More Accessories for Tesla

A unique car deserves unique accessories, and there are many more accessories made just for Teslas. However, these are just the most popular and useful ones.

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