What are Bollards, Its Types, And Uses?

Have you purchased a new expensive car from the showroom? You would not want even a scratch on your vehicle. Above all the possible efforts there is bollard protection. A bollard is a vertical post that is installed to stop the vehicle from entering a non-permitted area. It is used for multiple purposes in the parking lot. You can use the removable bollards and utilise the space for various purposes. It makes the place convertible according to your needs and specifications. 

What are Bollards, Its Types, And Uses?

The bollards help the vehicle owners to park their vehicles at a particular and safe distance. It protects your car from getting any scratches and attacks while parking or taking it out of the parking lot. The bollards protect life and property from various risks or dangers. It streamlines or aligns the parking in a smooth, protective and safe way. 

Where Can You Install Bollards?

You can get the bollards installed according to the use of the place and specific purposes. It can be installed in the parking lot to allow parking vehicles at a safe distance. 

The bollards can be installed in the residential building campus for residential parking. It can also protect the vehicle from any theft activities. 

It can be installed at the roadside construction sites to protect the bypassers from the danger of machines and construction work. You can alert the riders and drivers from entering the risk-prone area. 

It is best to install bollards near the storefronts to keep the vehicles at a safe distance. The removable bollards are used to control traffic at various events. You can install it in the pedestrian area like park entrances, school front and airports 

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Types of Bollards

The bollard can be of metal, steel or plastic material and can be used for several purposes. It protects the drivers and vehicles. The car park bollards prevent the storefronts, shops, buildings and other property from being damaged. 

1. Fixed Bollards

The fixed bollards are quite convenient and cannot be moved. It can be used for a specific purpose. The fixed bollards are quite convenient to keep the places from the uncontrollable traffic flow. It is mostly seen at the shopping plazas, malls, and government office buildings. These bollards are fixed in the ground for the long term and a specific purpose should be decided to install fixed bollards. 

2. Collapsible Bollards

These bollards are built into the ground. It is strongly attached to the ground and can be raised or lowered down. You can use collapsible bollards at the time of need. You will find that the collapsible bollards are specially used in places that need consistent maintenance. It is mostly used in the parks or at workplaces to avoid inconvenience to employees. 

3. Removable Bollards

The removable bollards can be moved as their name suggests. You can use it as a barrier for temporary traffic control. The visual barriers can be used in temporary workplaces. You will find it easy to install and remove. It can be used on the roadside and at places of heavy traffic. 

It is quite important to determine the type of bollard you need for your requirements. You should know about the legal requirements before installing the bollards at your place. 

How Bollards Can Provide Protection From Unwanted Vehicle Attacks?

The bollards can help prevent vehicles from severe accidents. It can control the speed of uncontrolled vehicles. The bollards keep the vehicle at a safe distance so that there will be no problem in taking out the car even in a hurry. 

  • Secure the Vehicle from Crimes and Thefts

You will find that the bollards can be a great barrier for criminals. They cannot easily enter and take off the vehicle in the midst of bollards. It is easy to catch them if they are breaking the car lock. The criminals or car thieves cannot drive frequently in the presence of bollards. 

  • Protect Drivers

The bollard installation helps to protect the drivers from accidents. Even if you are a driving expert, unexpected ignorance can result in great loss of life. The bollards can control the speed of the vehicle and help in parking at particular distances from the storefront. 

  • Protection from Nearby Vehicles

Most of the drivers while taking the car out of parking can stuck your car and leave your new car with scratches. The bollards can prevent your car from unwanted accidents happening in a parking lot. 

The bollards can also protect the vehicles that are parked and also direct the ways to enter or exit. It is also safe for people sitting in the open at restaurants or cafes. The bollards are modified with the lighting devices. It can light up the dark areas in the absence of street lights. These can prevent the car from dividers and road ditches. 

Problems Faced Without the Installation of Bollards

The life of any building or structure is less and it is quite difficult to preserve the historic buildings and monuments. In the absence of bollards, people can park their heavy vehicles near the weak structure which can result in the collapse of the building walls. 

The vehicles in the parking lot get stuck and damage the vehicle standing nearby. It is excellent to hire experts or contractors for parking bollards in Perth. They can conveniently install the bollards defining the borders of the area specified for parking. 

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