Best Ford Excursion Mods For Off-Road Capability

Once you get over that new truck joy, you start wanting to modify this or that to make your truck better for what you need it to do. For many people, that means making it more off-road capable, so it drives more like a mountaineering SUV that excels at mudding.

When you start drooling over potential mods or exterior accessories to modify your Ford Excursion, check local and state laws before you buy anything. Some locales make certain modifications illegal.

We’ve seen many mods and picked out our favorites that you can legally use. Here’s our list.

best ford excursion mods

Bigger Wheels

You don’t have to keep the wheels your standard Ford Excursion wheels. Upgrade to beast mode with 31-, 33-, 35- or 37-inch wheels.

Mud Tires

Nothing says off-road like mud tires. As cool as they look, if you work in construction, hauling, lawn maintenance, or any other of a number of commercial endeavors, these snazzy tires make a reasonable investment. You drive over mud regularly and this upgrade keeps you moving.

Body and Suspension Lift

Draw inspiration from these amazing Ford lifts on Pinterest. Every state has its own laws governing body and suspension lifts. Reference this list on to find out the lift limitations in your locality. Typically, lift heights change either the vehicle’s body or the suspension’s lift by a 2-, 4-, 6-, or 8-inch margin. In some states, they allow the body lift, but not the suspension lift.


Add to the utility of your Excursion with a brush guard winch front bumper. Hammerhead makes one that so many Ford drivers love that it has its own Pinterest following.

Fender Flares and Mud Flaps

Keep your tires and wheelbase cleaner while you off-road by adding fender flares. The dirt, debris, and mud from off-roading can really muck up your wheelbase and affect your tire and wheel health if you don’t protect them. Pay attention to the rear of your tires, too, by adding mud flaps to help keep your Ford in great shape.

NP273 Diesel Upgrade

Add durability and support to your heavy-duty truck by modifying the NP273 transfer case in an Excursion featuring either a 6.0 or 7.3 diesel engine. The NP273 transfer case can be rebuilt to withstand enormous amounts of off-road abuse or you can install one that has already been rebuilt like these,

Light Bars

Lightbars offer another area of potential modification that could prove illegal in your state. Check the local laws and state laws before you purchase and mod your Ford Excursion. You might find that your state allows the use of a light bar during off-roading only or that it allows a specific configuration only. CJ Offroad offers a comprehensive list of laws by state.

Roof Racks and Cargo Baskets

Extend the use of your Ford Excursion with a roof rack, cargo box, or load bars. This lets you pack luggage on top of the vehicle and save interior space for seating. With camping gear on top, you can fit more friends inside your vehicle.

Although you might not be able to copy exactly a modification you spot around town or online, you can come close in most states. Your state laws determine what changes you can make and not land a ticket or lose license points. You can have fun modifying your Ford Excursion for off-roading.

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