Tuning and Reupholstering Mercedes Steering Wheel in AMG Style

The steering wheel is almost the most important element of the car interior, with which the driver is in constant contact. For this reason, most owners of personal vehicles, getting used to a new car, begin to think about improving the steering wheel.

By the state of the steering wheel, you can determine not only the attitude of the owner to their vehicle but even the native mileage, as some say. Therefore, many people, when buying a car in the secondary market, oppose a car with a tight steering wheel. But why? Twisted mileage can be recognized in many other ways, but having a dream steering wheel in the cabin of your car is worth a lot. Therefore, you should not deny yourself the pleasure, as the owners of many Mercedes-Benz do.

Mercedes AMG Steering Wheel

The AMG sports steering wheel with paddles has become a style icon due to its combination of comfort, conciseness, and great design. For those who prefer the sporty driving style of a Mercedes-Benz, the lower part of the steering wheel is slightly flattened, and Dinamica inserts are provided in the grip area. They allow you to securely hold the rim even in the most unpredictable moments on the road.

Functional elements:

  • The presence of an airbag
  • Beveled bottom segment
  • Partially perforated
  • Stylish design
  • Ease of use: steering wheel without paddles or with paddles

Are suitable for almost all Mercedes Benz vehicles from 2012 onwards.

Execution options:

  • Original carbon
  • Original forged carbon
  • Leather
  • Alcantara (ultra microfiber)
  • Combined (leather + alcantara)

Alcantara deserves special attention. This is a fabric of artificial origin, which is produced by the Italian company Alcantara SpA from plastics and polymers. The fabric is very soft and light, in appearance it is no different from natural suede. The advantages include increased wear resistance, high strength, resistance to ultraviolet and moisture, good air permeability, fire resistance, it does not absorb odors and is easy to clean, is not amenable to chemical attack, and does not cause allergic reactions. It is safe to say that this is one of the most high-tech materials to date.

For all the above reasons, the Alcantara steering wheel is very popular in AMG tuning. A wide color palette is on sale, the material is easy to cut and stitch, it is very easy to work with.

Stitch classic options:

  • White
  • Black
  • Red

When choosing a design for AMG Steering Wheels various personal wishes can also be taken into account according to the shape, color, material, the presence of LED indicators, and a display. For those who want to stand out in particular, you can order an exclusive ornament or pattern on the braid, which can be embossed on the skin or embroidered with threads.

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Tuning Examples

Below we will talk about the constriction of the rudders using the example of several transformed copies of the AMG performance steering wheel. All these steering wheels are sloping at the bottom and have real black leather trim with smooth Nappa embossing. On some handlebars, the skin is simply smooth, on others, there is pseudo-perforation (the holes are not through).

Variant #1

The steering wheel is completely wrapped in natural smooth leather, and the side inserts are made of pseudo-perforated leather. The first steering wheel has a zero mark stitched with threads in the color of the leather used. The second steering wheel featured shows the same constriction principle, but the zero mark is made of contrasting red leather.

Variant #2

In this version of the AMG steering wheel, in addition to pseudo-perforated leather, the side elements are laminated with real carbon fiber. Lamination of interior elements with carbon is a long and painstaking process. First, a matrix of the desired part is created, then carbon fiber is laid on the resulting part. This is the only way to achieve the right flawless result.

Variant #3

On this steering wheel, there are inserts for black piano lacquer, located on the top and bottom of the steering wheel. Separate sectors are also specially made for this, which are subsequently covered with a special black matte acrylic paint and several layers of varnish. When all painted elements are completely dry, they must be polished with an anti-hologram polish.

Smooth natural Nappa occupied all the remaining elements, including the airbag. Nothing flashy: black leather and black piano lacquer match perfectly with black threads.

In addition to the constriction of the steering wheel rim, in 90% of cases, the central pillow is also subjected to constriction. Particular attention is paid to safety because it is this element that can save the life of a car driver. Pillows are reupholstered in a factory cut, which will ensure its open at the right time. The steering wheel pad is most often also wrapped in natural smooth or textured leather, it depends on the wishes of the car owner, like the color of the threads used.

Would you like to change the steering wheel of your car? Welcome to Mercteil! In this store, you will find solutions for tuning and repairing the steering wheel of any complexity, including changing the anatomy of the steering wheel, tightening using different materials and textures, and much more. Consultants will help you choose the steering wheel design in accordance with your wishes and bring your ideas to life.

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