Top 5 Cars to Buy Under 10 Lakh in 2024

Planning to purchase a car?  of- course you are, who would not want a car in this 21st century, but which one to buy?, what is the budget?


Don’t worry this confusion of choosing a right car is common these days as in this era of fast growing technologies we have a lot of options in the market. In countries like India ‘CAR’ is something that most of the people dream of since their childhood that is why they become choosy while purchasing a car.

If you have budget up to 10 lakhs and want a ride that not only fullfill your needs but also reflects your class let me assure you that you have visited the right place, in this article we will be talking about 5 popular and best performing cars that perfectly matches your needs with minimum burden on your pocket.

Before actually talking about the cars first lets discuss some general points to be considered while choosing a car.

1. Application or Need:

The first thing is understanding the need which means for what purpose you are looking for a car, it can be for family , it can be for personal use, it can be for commercial use , which lead you to a particular segment of cars i.e. Hatchback , Sedan , SUV’s.

2. Performance:

A little technical research is all you need to choose a best performing ride, according to your need or the application go for little specification check which includes, type of fuel (diesel/petrol), type of transmission (automatic or manual), Engine specification like Cubic capacity(cc), Brake horse power( bhp), torque etc.

3. Aesthetics or Looks:

Of-course looks matter, A ride you own reflects your social status , everyone wants a ride that can enhance his/her personality, people often compromise on other aspects and choose to go with car whose design best suits their social lifestyle.

4. Features

A car these days is not just a ride it’s a room full of entertainment and comfort, but here features does not only means entertainment but also safety which i think is something that should be neglected –

Safety Features-

while choosing a car always look for the safety features a car is equipped with as nothing is more important than a life, there are some mandatory safety features which must be there in every car, 2 most important of them are-

  • Airbags – always check for number of airbags a car is having.
  • ABS (antilock braking system)– A car must be equipped with an ABS system.
  • Entertainment features- Always have a check for the technology a ride is having and choose for a ride that has features best suit your comfort zone.
  • Budget – Last but not the least a car must be light on your pocket, here budget does not only means the car’s price tag but also its running cost which includes mileage, maintenance, and overall life of a car, so always go for a car that is fuel efficient, low maintenance and  fits perfectly in your budget.

Now as you are aware of the points that must be in mind while choosing a car for you let’s just move to the top 5 best performing cars on Indian roads under 10 lakhs.

NameImagePrice (Lakh)Specification
5. Tata Nexon9.48-18.54 Click Here
4. Maruti Suzuki Brezza9.47-16.50 Click Here
3. Hyundai i208.29-13.18Click Here
2. Maruti Dzire7.62-10.81Click Here
1. Tata Punch7.18-11.91Click Here


From the above discussion it has been cleared that when we are planning to buy a car always go for a little research and choose a car which suits your requirement, budget, your personality and also performs according to your wish, let’s Close today’s article with a quote

“Never settle for things you see, go out and start looking for options”

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