What is Mechatronics and Mechatronics Engineering?

Are you curious to know about the mechatronics? Some of you may think that mechatronics is nothing but the robotics. Are you one of them? Then, stop thinking in that way. Because mechatronics and robotics are different words. So, thus we have now clearly stated that mechatronics is different than robotics. Now, you may be thinking what exactly mechatronics is?

Mechatronics is also called as mechatronic engineering which involves the study of mechanical, electrical, robotics, electronics, control and telecommunications. Mechatronics is quite broader term. Its scope and applications are also prominent in this internet world.

Do you know from which language the word “mechatronics” originated? Mechatronics is a Japanese word and this word is created by Tetsuro Mori in 1969 who was an engineer from the Japan. Later, a company in the Japan trademarked this word. But after few years, company removed the trademark and allowed everyone to use the word, “mechatronics”.

What is mechatronics

A mechatronics engineer has the knowledge of some of the below mentioned engineering streams:

  • Electronics engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Control engineering
  • Telecommunications
  • Optical Engineering
  • Computer science
  • Systems engineering
  • Optical engineering

Applications of the Mechatronics or the Mechatronics Engineering:

  • Mechatronics is used in the medical imaging systems, sensors, control systems, packaging, automobile engineering as well as in the medical industry.
  • It also finds its applications in the industrial goods, CNC machines as well almost all the industries that are present today.

Best Part in the Mechatronics:

what is mechatronics

If you talk about the trending topics in the field of mechatronics then, you need to consider bio-mechatronics and avionics.

Let us first start with the bio-mechatronics. Inside the bio-mechatronics, you will have to study the integration of the human parts with the mechanical parts. The practical applications of the bio-mechatronics are wider. A study has been going on in this field which would replace the human body parts with the mechanical parts. For this, biomechatronic devices had been developed.

Avionics is another prominent term in the mechatronics. It deals with the use of the mechatronics in the spacecraft, security and in satellites.

Key-Components of the Mechatronics System:

  • CPU
  • Communications and measurement unit
  • Feedback unit
  • Signal processing units

Some of you may be interesting in knowing how a particular mechatronics system is designed. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at the design of the mechatronics system.

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How mechatronics engineer designs a particular system or product?

  • Identifying the need of the market:

First of all, you have to identify the need of the market. What market really wants? Therefore, a deep market research requires in the beginning. Engineers have to take survey.

  • Finding the Problem:

After taking various surveys and collecting all the data. Various problems are found out. Now, engineers start working on how to solve the problem and then, the process of producing the problem-solving product starts.

  • Analysing the Problem and taking Specifications:

Engineers have to analyse the problem and have to think in a trial and error way to solve this problem.

  • Design the Products:

After taking specifications and measurements, product is designed and then, proper electrical system is placed inside it.

Educational Opportunities in the Field of Mechatronics:

There is a huge scope in this field. So, a lot of colleges have started education which will ultimately give you degree in the mechatronics engineering. Previously, people were hesitating to take a degree in the mechatronics. But nowadays, almost everyone in any field of engineering is excited to learn the mechatronics. So, you can learn this engineering in your local universities. Or you can also learn the mechatronics in the foreign universities. As a student, you can also learn the programming as well as logical problem-solving view to face practical situations.

Job Opportunities in the field of Mechatronics:

After completing the degree in the mechatronics, you can go for job. In 2019, the industry 4.0 is looking for the people who will innovate and inspire the living of the human beings through mechatronics and the career opportunities in this filed have no limits. Also, you will get a quite sufficient income as a mechatronics engineer. So, do not worry about the jobs as technology is evolving day by day, opportunities in the field of the mechatronics are also increasing. Just upgrade and be in regular touch with the changing situations.

Let us Discuss the Research that is Going in this Engineering Field:

Now, you are seeing robots everywhere. A robot is nothing but a mechatronics system which uses electronics, mechanics and computer programming to operate. In one of the restaurants, robots are replacing the humans to serve foods and to take orders. The use of artificial intelligence is at the supreme level in the robotics.

What is mechatronics

Though robots are one of the beautiful applications of the mechatronics, researchers across the world are also solving the following problems via mechatronic engineering:

  • Robots that will go to the deep parts of the ocean and will study it. For human being, it is not possible to go to the extreme parts of the world and to study the nature, environments. But this can be possible with the mechatronics. Many researchers are now focusing and working on machines and robots that will study the deepest part of the sea and there is no need of human for this.
  • As above stated, mechanical parts have been designed that can replace the human parts. Suppose, if a person has a disability and she or he doesn’t have a hand. Then, companies are manufacturing hands with the mechatronics that can replace the normal hand of the human being. But here sometimes the cost of that designed hand is very much. Hence, a normal people cannot benefit from it. Now, challenge is to develop body parts at cheaper cost so almost everyone can use it without worrying about financial problems.
  • Automated vehicles for the agriculture:

Agriculture has always been the backbone of any country and the efforts of the human beings in the agriculture can be reduced by automated machines and vehicles. Countries like Israel are way ahead of this automated technology and efforts are being taken by researchers to promote the automated technology in tier 2 countries at affordable prices.

While building the products in the mechatronics engineering following are the problems that engineers face:

  • In the design stage, more precautions are required. Otherwise, a machine may have to witness the component failure. Proper and accurate design is the key aspect in the mechatronics. As an engineer, you also have to learn software tools like Solidworks, Catia, etc.
  • While making electrical connections inside any designed product, more complications are involved. So, for that you have to learn electronics as well as electrical engineering properly. A single mistake leads to failure in the electrical system and most importantly the system should be stable.
  • Taking into consideration the applications, most of the times the products that has been designed by the mechatronics engineers have a higher cost because of the use of quality and expensive raw materials. This quality and expensive material has to be replaced by the durable, efficient and affordable material. Otherwise, there is no use of the formed system or product.

Mechatronics engineering is the next big thing and you should dive deep in learning as well as creating the device which will make the human life happier. If you like this article, then just share it!

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