How A Ghost Immobiliser Provides The Ultimate Security & Theft Protection For Your Car?

A Ghost Immobiliser is the latest piece of car security tech, offering drivers advanced vehicle security and theft protection.

Designed to make it impossible for anyone without access to the vehicle to start the ignition. Ghost Immobilisers are the ultimate in car security and protection against rising levels of relay car theft and key cloning.

The ultimate protection against relay car theft

Ever since the development of push to start engines and keyless entry vehicles, thieves have been developing new ways to access vehicles. Relay car theft is the rising type of car theft that has taken drivers and authorities by surprise. With the right technology, thieves have been able to enter a vehicle and drive away within minutes, going completely undetected without leaving a single trace at the scene. Making this type of car theft incredibly difficult to resolve and even harder to track the criminals responsible.

With this rise in relay car theft, interest in security systems for keyless entry vehicles has spiked. With drivers trying to find the best solutions for protecting their vehicles against this type of theft and the careless thieves who are seeking to make quick money by stealing these valuable cars.

Despite the many options for keyless entry vehicles, such as trackers, alarms, and physical blocks like steering wheel locks, Ghost Immobilisers are the ultimate option. Being completely undetectable and impossible to bypass.

Using A Ghost Immobiliser

Installed, connected to your vehicle’s controller area network, a Ghost Immobiliser, much like other immobilisers, intercepts ECUs of the vehicle in order to prevent these from working. In order to start the ignition and access control of the vehicle, the Ghost Immobiliser requires the input of your unique PIN code. This code will be set by you once the immobiliser has been discreetly installed and activated.

Your personalised PIN code, the key to unlocking your vehicle, can be up to 20 characters long and can incorporate a unique sequence of button presses on the steering wheel, door panels, or centre console. This intricate combination makes it virtually impossible for a thief to decipher the code, even if they gain access to the vehicle. As the owner, you have the privilege of setting this PIN code yourself. To maintain optimal security, safeguard this code as your own personal secret, refraining from sharing it with anyone. In instances where your vehicle requires servicing or external assistance, the Ghost Immobiliser can be temporarily switched into service mode.

A Ghost Immobiliser can be installed in just about any make or model of car, and is incredibly easy to use. It is important, however, to check your vehicle’s compatibility with a Ghost Immobiliser before purchasing and arranging an installation.

If you are looking for the best possible security for your car, a Ghost Immobiliser is the way to go. It is a reliable and effective way to protect your vehicle from theft.

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