Your 2023 Guide to Family Cars

Just like families themselves, family cars come in all shapes and sizes. Those who need more room will invariably need a bigger car, though. However, the days of just offering a load of simple space aren’t enough to grab buyers’ attention – the very best large family cars need to offer comfort, a decent level of safety kit and technology and have a good amount of room for both people and luggage. Oh, and it needs to be economical and good to drive too.

Before you head to see what used cars UK sites have to offer, these are some of the best new family cars you can get in 2023.

The Family Car That Isn’t an SUV: Citroen C5 X

Citroen hasn’t had a great run of things with big family cars in recent years, but the C5 X absolutely knocks it out of the park.

It’s got many great attributes, but one big part of its appeal is its comfort. Citroen has sought to make it as comfy in as many ways as possible. Not only does it have really padded, cossetting seats, but it has also got a clever suspension setup that eases you over bumps in the road.

This does mean it isn’t as sharp to drive as some of the alternatives out there, but is that really what you want when you’re driving your family around?

It’s also refreshingly different, as it isn’t really an estate car, nor is it really an SUV, as so many other of the other options are.

The Plug-In Hybrid SUV: Lexus NX

Lexus is famed for many things, but one of the top ones that will appeal to family buyers is its reliability. The brand is a regular at the top of reliability surveys, while the dealer network is also one of the best too.

As for the actual car? Well, that’s pretty great too. It’s powered by a plug-in hybrid system that will give you 42 miles of electric range, which is up there with the best in the class.

When the petrol engine kicks in it remains quiet and relaxed too – perfect for keeping stress levels down on a long journey. Other good things include the huge 14-inch infotainment system and the solid build quality. It provides reassurance in spades. When your engine overheats, you should immediately fix it.

The Consummate all-Rounder: BMW X5

The BMW X5 is a great all-rounder and will be up to a wide range of family needs. It has a large selection of powerful engines including, as of 202, a plug-in hybrid version to sit alongside a range of petrol and diesel. That plug-in hybrid will keep you going on electric only for as much as 60 miles – with judicious use of a charger you will be able to spread your visits to old-school filling stations further and further apart.

Beyond that, though, it offers a well-equipped, comfortable, and luxurious large SUV that is fun to drive too.

What If You Want Something Smaller?

If your needs are smaller but still want an SUV, then the Ford Puma is the best bet for families. It is based on the fantastic Ford Fiesta, but brings more space, particularly in the boot where it has an innovative ‘Megabox’ underneath the floor that can be washed out – perfect for the muddy/sandy/wet gear that often comes with family life.

Need a bit more passenger space? The new Honda Civic is a great option. It’s something of a retro choice in some senses, as it is a hatchback in a market stacked high with SUVs. It’s got plenty of room in the back seats, has a large and well-shaped boot and is great to drive.

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