Top 5 Tips For a Student to Choose the First Car

There is nothing as exciting as having a car as a student because of the freedom you get commuting to college or visiting a place you’ve never visited before. Despite the excitement, the thought of choosing your first car can be a scary experience too. You might not be sure which model will fit you best or which make is better and the reasons for that.

It’s not hard to choose your first car make and model if you take time to do research, know your limitations and desires. Your budget might be your biggest limitation but you must also choose a car you will be able to maintain without struggling.

Be Clear Why You Need a Car

The question ‘why’ will give you the bigger picture of what it means to own a car and all the pros and cons that go with it. This is the same question that will help you shop for the best cars for students because you will look for a car you can afford to maintain and run.

Some students might buy a car because their buddies have cars and another one might buy one because it will help them commute fast and save time. If the reason why outweighs all cons, then you will have a good reason why you need a car.

Decide Your Budget

Cars are not cheap and you need to have enough money if you want to own one. There are used cars that cost below $2000 and some other types might cost above $5000. New cars are much more expensive but your main question will be your budget.

Create a budget for buying the car, another budget for transfer costs, legal fees, and running costs for at least the first month, and any improvements you might need to make on your car before you start to use it.

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Get Advice

You can make it to search thousands of models, compare their costs, pros, and cons until you get the right car but this process might be stressful. It is important to seek help from someone who has used cars for many years because they can help you make an informed decision on the best student car to buy. With the right advice, you will not buy a car and live to regret it because you cannot maintain it.

Research for Makes and Models

Car makes and models are as many as you can ever imagine and choosing the right one can be another daunting task. The US alone has over 30 vehicle brands and globally, there are close to 100 major brands. The major brands are not as many, but the models are not easy to number. Each year, car manufacturers release a new model into the market.

The easiest way to start is to search for the makes that will fit within your budget and then search for the models. You might take an interest and observe the cars on the road, go to car dealers online, or visit the showrooms.

Test Before You Buy

You should buy cars only from genuine dealers to avoid losing your money or getting a sour deal. Once you have chosen your favorite car, do not pay yet until you have tested it. Feel its power, acceleration, braking system, steering comfort, seats, and engine noise. If you are not sure what you need to look for, ask a parent, relative, or mechanic to test it for you.


Nothing is exciting than to have owned your first car as a student. However, it’s scary to take the role of choosing the right car to buy, where to buy it, and what documents you need to have. The best way is to take your time and search for a good car after determining why you need one. Look into your budget and determine if you will finance it in full or you might need to borrow. Decide your make and before you pay for it, test drive it just to be sure it’s the perfect fit for you.

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