4 Ways Paintless Dent Repair Can Restore Your Ride 

Car dents happen due to an array of reasons. It could be a bump from a tailgating car or an impact from an unseen hard object that hit your car. Ignoring these issues may turn your car’s tiny scratches into more complicated troubles that may be more challenging and costly to fix.  

If your vehicle has dents, you need to look for a reliable car dent repair services provider to fix them. Today, one of the go-to options that could provide appropriate repairs is the popular paintless dent repair (PDR). If you want to know more about this process, here’s an article to guide you. Read on! 

1. Restoring Parts Caused By Hail Damage 

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Hail storms often leave cars with deep dents and broken windshields. In many cases, the damages affect the roof, fender tops, hood, and side panels. In these situations, you may need to seek a PDR service to restore the damaged car parts. In this process, the hail-damaged portions are pushed back to their original shape using special tools such as PDR tabs, dent lifters, and hook bars. 

If you’re in Dallas-Fort Worth, you could check the different car repairs services offering PDR hail repairs to see what they have to offer. An efficient DFW hail repair services company offers suitable factory paint matching, complimentary detailing, and other services to help fix your car. These add-ons may separate the excellent hail repairs from the good ones. 

2. Fixing Door Dings 

Dings are minor dents that haven’t scraped the car paint. In most cases, door dings measure about ½ inch. They’re typically caused by unattended shopping carts or carelessly opening the car doors. Fortunately, PDR can turn these issues into the car’s original conditions. Among the damages that PDR could fix, door dings could be the fastest and easiest to repair. 

Door dings typically have moon- or crescent-shaped dents. In other cases, they have irregular presses that may need different PDR tabs and lifters. Yet, door dings don’t require paintwork in many cases. PDR could fix them with slight pressing and dent-lifting.  

However, it’s always suggested to have a closer examination of the entire car to check the extent of the damages. Some dings may look simple but may have more severe damage on their behind.  

3. Dents Caused By Vehicular Accidents 

Repairing car dent after the accident by paintless dent repair

After getting safe, you may examine the car exterior damages generally caused by a sideswipe, tailgating, or major car collision. These accidents may cause tear in the car parts in the sides, rear, and front. In these cases, you could bring your damaged car to a PDR company to reconstruct the dented portions.  

An overhauling may be necessary for severe damages, but PDR could still be tapped in restoring the dented parts. PDR could assist in blending in the less damaged portions into the newly installed hood, doors, and other car exterior parts. 

If you have a car accident, you may want to evaluate your car after. For that purpose, you could check the following car exterior parts as they receive the most damages: 

  • bumper and hood 
  • fenders, guards, and character lines 
  • rear bumpers and trunk covers 
  • grilles and beltline 

4. Damages Caused By Hard Objects 

In some cases, dents are caused by hard objects such as those from sports accidents. These may have been produced by golf balls or other types that flew off the course. These situations could make round dents. The stronger the impact the more profound and more severe damages it can cause.  

Apart from the damages triggered by sports accidents, falling hard objects may also be the culprits for these situations. Thrown marbles, fallen apples, and even children accidentally bumping into your parked car may cause dents. Sometimes, you may even see creases on your car’s exterior without even knowing what caused them. 

Luckily, paintless dent repairs could fix the affected car parts into their brand-new versions. No matter the depth and size of the dents, PDR tools and techniques could fix them. For better results, you may need proper detailing to see if the marks are removed. 

Wrapping Up 

Car dents happen no matter how careful a driver is. Door dings may be the most frequent to occur because of inattention or complacency. Serious situations such as collisions and severe bumps are likely caused by accidents. Luckily, paintless car removal services could fix the dings, dents, and creases, whatever their type and depth are. 

In choosing a PDR services provider, you may look into their recent projects or services. You may compare them according to the damages they could fix. You may check how long they manage to get rid of your car’s dents and dings. In addition, examine how capable they are to solve even the most severe damages. You may also add the kinds of tools, techniques, and technology the PDR company uses. 

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