Advantages of Hybrid Cars – Are they Worth It?

If you are unfamiliar with what a hybrid vehicle is, it’s basically halfway between an electric vehicle and a traditional combustion engine vehicle. The term ‘hybrid’ accurately describes the vehicle, as it utilises both fuel (petrol/diesel) and electric power. Most hybrid vehicles don’t need to be plugged into a charger either, with the electric motor acting as a backup for the petrol engine.

If you’re wondering what the point of hybrid vehicles is, it’s actually a great choice of vehicle. It’s often that buying an electric vehicle outright can be extremely expensive, especially for a top of the range vehicle. Cheaper EVs may not offer as good a distance per charge and all-petrol/diesel vehicles can be very expensive to run. Hybrid vehicles, however, strike the perfect balance, offering the best of both worlds.

advantages of hybrid cars

The Benefits Of Hybrid Vehicles

One of the main key benefits of hybrid vehicles is that they are cheaper to run than petrol/diesel vehicles. This is because the electric motor, which is charged via the kinetic energy of the car moving, can be used instead of the combustion engine. So, if you’re running low on fuel or don’t want to splash out on fuel to refill your car, you can simply use the electric motor to drive.

The ability to use both can also be extremely convenient. For example, if you were running late to work and had an empty tank, you may not have time to do an emergency fill-up. In this situation, you would be able to use the electric motor to travel to work and fill up when you get the chance. As electric power is free, you’re using less fuel as a result, which can save you a lot of money, this makes hybrid vehicles very economically viable.

When compared with an all-electric vehicle, hybrids are often cheaper to buy. This means you won’t have to splash out on a brand new EV model. When you have an EV, you must also consider how you’re going to charge it, which will mean you’ll have to invest in a charging unit. Over time, this will prove cheaper than fuelling a petrol/diesel car; however, if you’re unable to have one of these installed at your home, a hybrid is a great choice as it is able to charge itself.

When leasing a hybrid car, you’re able to avoid the large upfront costs that come with buying a vehicle, as this fee is substituted for monthly payments. Attributing this cost to your monthly outgoings can make it much easier to budget, along with the lower running costs of a hybrid vehicle. Once your car leasing deal ends, you’ll be able to begin a new lease deal with a brand new hybrid vehicle.

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