How to Fix an Ignition Key That Doesn’t Turn

There are very few things in life that can be as frustrating as getting into a car accident when you’re heading for a perfect date or evening party; and it would be even worse getting major dents in your car which won’t look good when you drive it to the party. To save your day from this awful experience, you can get in touch with Colorado Springs auto body repair shop to help you fix all these dents in no-time.

And even more disappointing would be to get stuck with an ignition key that won’t turn. We can totally understand if you just want to bang the ignition keyway hoping it could make things better.

But don’t resort to that method just yet. We have some practical ways to get you out of this whammy.

So, here’s what you gotta do when the ignition key won’t turn.

Freeing the Steering Wheel

How to Fix an Ignition Key That Doesnt Turn

Sometimes the steering wheel may get jammed and prevent the ignition key from turning. This is an easy problem to tackle and you can get away with only a few maneuvers. Try to move the steering to either side. You will notice that the steering is jammed on one side but turns more easily to the other side. Turn in the steering to the direction that you can, and insert the key in the ignition giving it a simultaneous turn. You should be able to turn the key now and the steering will become free to turn.

If the key still doesn’t turn, give a few wiggles to the steering on either side. This should finally work for you unless there is some other major issue.

Lubricating the Keyway

It’s quite possible that the ignition cylinder of your car has become stuck and that’s keeping the key from turning. Instead of repeatedly twisting the key in the ignition cylinder and risking breaking the key altogether, you can just lubricate the lock before trying.

Get a silicone lubricant that comes in a spray bottle and spray on the keyway. This will lubricate the keyway and your key should turn within the next couple of tries. If the ignition key still doesn’t turn, then you should consider other ways.

Check the Car Battery

You may unnecessarily be struggling with the key while the real trouble may be with the car battery. In some cars, the ignition system is built in a way to prevent the key from working if the battery has gone dead.

You should check the battery status using a multimeter, to eliminate this cause.

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Get the key Fixed or Replaced

If you have tried all our other suggestions to no avail, there is a high chance that there may be a problem with the key. Pull out the key from the ignition cylinder and examine it for irregularities. You may notice some obvious twists or bends, or the ridges on the blade of the key may appear worn out.

You can try the spare key and see if that works.

If there’s any problem with the key, then you need to get it fixed or replaced.

Replace the Ignition Switch

It is also possible that the key doesn’t have any issues, or the spare key doesn’t turn either. This means a problem in the ignition system is the root cause of all the trouble.

There may be an issue with either the ignition cylinder or the ignition switch. You can easily find a replacement for both. You can follow some simple mechanics and replace the ignition cylinder yourself, or hire a mechanic or professional car repair service provider to do the needful.

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