What is Beam and Types of Beams in Strength of Materials?

In this article we will discuss about the different types of beams used in the construction. Without beams there will not be any structure which can withstand loads. They are the structural member which helps in bearing loads. If there are no beams, there will be no structure.

What is a Beam?

The beam is defined as the structural member which is used to bear different loads. It resists the vertical loads, shear forces and bending moments.

Types of Beams

The different types of beams are:
Types of Beams

1. Cantilever Beam:

A cantilever beam is a beam that is fixed from one end and free at the other end.
Types of Beams: Cantilever Beam
In the figure you can easily see that one end i.e. A is fixed and the other end i.e. B is free. So this beam is called as cantilever beam.

2. Simply Supported Beam:

A beam which is supported or resting on the supports at its both the ends, is called simply supported beam.
Types of Beams: Simply Supported Beam
In the figure, both the ends of the beam is supported by supports, one support is at end A and the other support is at end B. this beam is known as simply supported beam.
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3. Overhanging Beam:

In a beam, if one of its ends is extended beyond the support, it is known as overhanging beam.
Types of Beams: Overhanging Beam
As shown in the above figure, we observe that beam is extending beyond the support B, and hence this beam is called overhanging beam.

4. Fixed Beams:

A beam which has both of its ends fixed or built in walls is called fixed beam.
Types of Beams: Fixed Beam
In the figure, both the ends of the beams are rigidly fixed in the walls, this type of beams are known as fixed beams.

5. Continuous Beam:

It is a beam which is provided with more than two supports as shown in figure.
Types of Beams: Continuous Beam
Here we can see in the figure that the beam has more than two supports at A, B and C. This beam is called continuous beams.
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