What I do When My Motorcycle doesn’t Start

Most of us have motorcycle. But If we encounter some problem in it, we rush to the mechanic to repair it. Here I m going to tell you some basic steps to repair your motorcycle. Everyone has different models, but  I will tell the basic steps which will apply to all models.
If your motorcycle is not starting, then first check out these things.
  • The fuel petcock is either in on or reserve position.
  • The key should be in on position.
  • The kill switch is in run position.
  • The kickstand is up.
  • The transmission is in neutral.

What I do When My Motorcycle doesn't Start

 Even after that if it is not starting, you have to investigate further.
  • Battery: check that your battery is charged or not. If it is not, then charge it. If dead then replace it.
  • Fuel: make sure that your petcock is in the right position. There may be a problem in the carburetor.
  • Ignition: check that your spark plug is working properly, if not then replace it.
After investigating all these start your motorcycle again, still if it doesn’t start that means we are missing something. In that case contact with a reputed mechanic.

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