Units of Stress – Strength of Materials

Before finding the units of stress we must know what is stress and what is formula of stress. It is the formula of Stress through which we can easily determine the Units of stress.

Units of Stress

Since the stress is defined as the ratio of resisting force or applied load to the cross section area. The formula of stress is given by

Formula of stress


P = Applied load on the body.

A = Cross section area of the body.

Units of Stress

The units of stress depends upon the unit of load (force) and unit of area.

In MKS System of Units

The unit of the load is kgf and that of the area is square meter (i.e. m2). So the unit of stress becomes kgf/m2. And if the area is expressed in square centimeter than the unit of stress is kgf/cm2.

In SI System of Units

The load is measured in newton and the area measured in m2. So the unit of stress is N/ m2. When the area is expressed in cm or mm, then the stress unit becomes N/cm2 or N/mm2.

  • 1 N/ m2= 10-4 N/cm2 = 10-6 N/mm2
  • 1 MN/ m2 = 106 N/ m2 = 102 N/cm2 = 1 N/mm2
  • 1 N/ m2 = 1 Pa

Note: Here

  • N = Newtons
  • m = metre
  • cm = centimetre
  • mm = millimetre
  • Pa = Pascal

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