Top 5 Cheapest Motorcycles in The World

Most of us are confused about that which motorcycles should we have. Here I am going to tell you the top 5 cheapest motorcycles, among which you can buy one. These motorcycles also have good mileage capacity.

1. Yamaha Crux 
    Price: Rs 32,990
    Mileage: 70-75 kmpl

2. Hero Motocorp HF Dawn 

    Price: Rs 37,350
    Mileage: 70-80 kmpl
3. TVS Max 
    Price: Rs 37,590
    Mileage: 70 kmpl
4. Hero Honda CD Dawn 
    Price: Rs 38,071
    Mileage: 70-80 kmpl
5. Suzuki Heat 
    Price: Rs 39,696
    Mileage: 60-65 kmpl

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