What are Wheels?

What are Wheels?

We are familiar with the word wheel. After hearing the word wheel a picture of circular object strikes to our mind. It plays an important role in driving  a vehicle. Without wheels the motion of a vehicle is not possible.


 A wheel is defined as a circular object fixed on an axle with bearings ,which provides motion to the vehicle.

The varies requirements of an automobile wheels are:

  1. It must be strong enough to perform the functions such as to take vehicle load, provide a cushioning effect and cope with the steering control.
  2. It should be balanced both statically as well as dynamically.
  3. It should be lightest as possible so that the unsprung weight is least.
  4. It should be possible to remove or mount the wheel easily.
  5. Its material should not deteriorate with weathering and age.

What do you mean by Unsprung weight?

Unsprung weight includes the mass of the components such as the wheel axles, wheel bearings, wheel hubs, tyres, and a portion of the weight of driving shafts, springs, shock absorber and suspension links. Even if the vehicle’s brakes are mounted outboard ( i.e, within the wheel ), this weight is still considered part of the unsprung weight.

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